The Decemberists Show Book

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"The Decemberistss Show Book: A Decemberists Tour Consideration Volume 1: The Short Fazed Hovel" This 24 page full color booklet is no half-baked affair by some PR firm. No sir. It contains the following:

‰ۢ"What Is This Thing" an essay by Colin Meloy

‰ۢ"Up an Away" a Class of 2009 Touring personnel introduction including Chris Funk's senior portrait striking a chiaroscuro pose with his sax and a lit sparkler in the horn end. The backdrop is a decidedly 80's mini-blind affair.

‰ۢ"A Tour Tutorial" An artful collage by John.

‰ۢ Two crossword puzzles

‰ۢ"Diamonds are Forever" A Q & A with Becky and Shara ‰ۢ"Hard Drives, Hard Times and Hi Hats" Chris Funk Speaks with Producer / Engineer Tucker Martine

‰ۢ A tour poster variety centerfold

‰ۢ "Jenny's Hippy Corner" containing tips to hippify your life on the subject of stitchin', beans, and the requisite Grateful Dead recommends.

‰ۢ A bunch of great photos

‰ۢ An "Nate Query's Dressing Room Cocktails" Tour and food recipes, wherein he reveals the secret to "Bus Nachos".

Tr?_s Magnifique!

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