Black Prairie 'A Tear In The Eye Is A Wound...' 2x Vinyl LP

2 x 12" Vinyl LP
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Release Date: September 18, 2012

Sugar Hill Records released the second album by Black Prairie, A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart. Produced by Tucker Martine, A Tear in the Eye is the follow up to Feast of the Hunters' Moon, and the first Black Prairie album to primarily feature vocalist Annalisa Tornfelt

Product Features:
• 2 x 12" Vinyl LP

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Ms. Sindell
2. Rock of Ages
3. For the Love of John Hartford
4. Nowhere, Massachusetts
5. More Jam for Ras
6. How Do You Ruin Me

Side B
7. Dirty River Stomp
8. Evil Leaves
9. What You Gave Me
10. Jump Up Jon
11. Winter Wind

Side C
12. Little Song Bird
13. Taraf
14. Richard Manuel

Side D
15. 34 Wishes: The Legend Of
16. Lay Me Down in Tennessee