Black Prairie 'Fortune' 12" Vinyl LP

12" Vinyl LP
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Release Date: April 22, 2014

Fortune, Black Prairie’s 3rd full length record on Sugar Hill Records, was produced and mixed by Vance Powell (The Dead Weather, Red Fang) in the band’s hometown of Portland, OR. In a way, Fortune is Black Prairie’s most conventional record—thirteen, polished vocal tunes with (mostly) conventional pop song structures. On the other hand, there’s a glaring eccentricity to Fortune that hits you right away: here is a band of accomplished acoustic musicians playing what are essentially rock songs, and sometimes with a pretty hard edge—it’s a record, band members say, that’s trying to channel not the spirit of Earl Scruggs or Jerry Douglas, but Led Zeppelin.

Track Listing:

1. The 84
2. Kiss Of Fate
3. Let it Out
4.. Let Me Know Your Heart
5. Fortune
6. Trask

7. If I Knew You Then
8. Songs To be Sung
9. Cold Day
10. Animal Inside
11. The White Tundra
12. Be Good