Black Prairie “Wild Ones” 10″ Vinyl LP

$ 15.00 $ 20.00

Limited edition of 500 10″ clear vinyl

Black Prairie’s friend, author and New York Times magazine writer Jon Mooallem asked the band to write a soundtrack to his new book, Wild Ones. It will be released digitally on May 14th (the same week the book becomes available). On June 11th, the Wild Ones soundtrack will be released on CD in handmade packaging as well as on clear 10″ vinyl in a limited editions of 500. Every order comes with a download of the music that will become available on May 14th.

Wild Ones: A Musical Score For the Things That You Might See In Your Head When You Reflect On Certain Characters and Incidents That You Read About in The Book*

*…The Book Which Tells A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking At People Looking At Animals

1. Call of the Wild Ones: A Theme
2. Chasing Martha
3. The Upturned Nose of Count Buffon
4. A Tranquilized Polar Bear Rising Through an Autumn Sky
5. Flight of the Forgotten Metalmarks
6. Dear Sir. Most Sincerely, William Temple Hornaday
7. Rudi Mattoni in Soup Stage
8. A Waltz for George and Tex
9. Joan McIntyre
10. Dawn Departure, Jefferson County
11. The Man Who Carried Fish

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