Perhapst 'Revise Your Maps' CD

Release Date: June 25, 2013

John Moen - drunner and harmony right hand for The Decemberists, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and Boston Spaceships, and former frontman of Portlan'd's legendary Maroons - will be releasing his second album of gorgeously crafted pop-rock tunes Revise Your Maps under the name Perhapst on Jealous Butcher Records.
Recorded and produced by Jonathan Drews, Revise Your Maps' 12 songs are imbued with sweetness, sass, and melancholy. The record kicks off with "Birds Off A Wire", the perfect introduction to Moen's impossibly keen melodic sense. A peerless falsetto coaxes through the verses while the choruses dissolve into saturated guitars. It's pop music with satisfying, jangly corners, and this thme carries through Revise Your Maps. With "Birds Off A Wire" one is reminded of The Notorious Byrd Brothers and then two songs later on "Ramble/Scramble", you're tapping along with a shuffling boogie that's all Squeeze. The title song -- perhaps the most wistful of the lot -- tugs on the heart with a refrain that's equal parts teary and hopeful. "Sorrow and Shame's" chorus may take you self-depricatingly to despair, but it somehow stomps and struts like Freddie Mercury all the while. Songs call out to a bonnie-haired beloved, broadcast from a moored ship that used to go places, stay up late to bemoan an old sadness.

Track Listing:

1. Birds Off A Wire
2. Willamette Valley Ballad
3. Ramble/Scramble
4. Revise Your Maps
5. Sorrow & Shame
6. True Sparrow
7. Find Me
8. Offering the Blues
9. Sill (Mt.Zero)
10. Thousand Words
11. Queen Mary
12. Highlife
13. Lightlow Nightowl