The Decemberists 'I'll Be Your Girl' Boxset: The Exploded Edition

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I'll Be Your Girl Boxset: The Exploded Edition

All orders come with an immediate download of The Decemberists 'I'll Be Your Girl' + 'Exploded Edition Bonus Tracks: Down On The Knuckle, Opaque Violet, Midlist Author, and I Will Not Say Your Name' in high quality 320kbps MP3 format. Downloads are delivered in .zip archived format.

This thing, this molten piece of spectacular extravagance, is available for pre-order now and will ship no later than June 15th, 2018. No fear: each pre-order will come with a digital download of the album that can be redeemed on March 16 (the four extra tracks will be available for digital download on the shipping date).

• Sixteen songs — all eleven of the album tracks + four exclusive tracks from the IBYG sessions
• Eight  7” vinyl records, each a different color
• Nine sleeve pinwheeling, heavy duty cardstock book with slide-out record jacket pockets, full color art from Carson Ellis and paper engineered pop-up elements
• Full color booklet SIGNED BY THE BAND
• Lives tidily inside a hefty chipboard slipcase.

(Plus a few special secrets)

Disc 1 - Transparent Green
Side A: Once in my Life
Side B: Cutting Stone

Disc 2 - Opaque Red
Side A: Severed
Side B: Starwatcher

Disc 3 - Transparent Orange
Side A: Tripping Along
Side B: Your Ghost

Disc 4 - Opaque Pink
Side A: Everything is Awful
Side B: Sucker’s Prayer

Disc 5 - Transparent Blue
Side A: We All Die Young
Side B: Rusalka, Rusalka

Disc 6 - Opaque Yellow
Side A: Wild Rushes
Side B: I’ll Be Your Girl

Disc 7 - Transparent Red
Side A: Traveling On
Side B: Down on the Knuckle

Disc 8 - Opaque Violet
Side A: Midlist Author
Side B: I Will Not Say Your Name